iSpot4u Tracking System

AppBell Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a IT company established in 2013 and developed iSpot4u platform under able and experienced guidance of Managing Director Gajanan Jannawar.

iSpot4u helps in improving Efficiency & Effectiveness of various business processes in addition to improve security aspects by Timely Communication.

iSpot4u is one stop platform to manage Scheduling, Tracking, Security & Communication in areas;

  • Employee Transport Solution
  • School Bus Security Solution
  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Onfield Personnel Management

Wheels of Integration

Vision & Values

We are a technology company having expertise in Mobile, Cloud & Integration Technologies

Our Vision is to create Integrated platform for Security, Tracking,Transportation Logistics, Communication which will bring related parties on single platform

SMS to employee

Driven to Digital

Platform Overview

A smart platform that ensures fast, simple and complete logistics management.

Equally accessible and useful to management, employees and drivers.

Pre to post transport process simplification.

Built-in, single point management with state-of-the-art features.

Intelligent solution, backed by a robust hardware.

Process to perfection, initiated in one go.

Compatible, dependable, expandable.

A controlled and monitored answer for a streamlined logistics.